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Manchester Junior Chess Championship Saturday November 11th 2017.More details below

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Saturday 11th November 2017

High Lawn Primary School,

Holden Avenue, Sharples, Bolton BL1 7EX

There will be three sections:

Queens: Children who have played for a year

Kings: Children who have played for more than a year.

Open: Open to secondary aged children and strong players

Additional prizes for chess quizzes and competitions.

The Open and Kings sections will be graded.

Children are advised to become junior members of the ECF (English Chess Federation). This is free in their first year. Go to

(Directions to High Lawn School are on the back)

Start at 10.30 a.m. Finish at 4.30 p.m. (approx). Parents should return for 4.00 p.m.

Entry fee £13. (£15 if paid on the day) Cheques made payable to Manchester Junior Chess

ECF members get a £3 discount.

There will be no refreshments available. Please ensure your child has a packed lunch.

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Saturday 11th November 2017, High Lawn Primary School, Bolton



Post code:______

Tel.: ______________For use in an emergency.

School: ________________________________________________

Date of Birth:___________________________________________

Return to:

Mr. Julian Clissold, 4, Vale Street, Turton Bottoms, Nr. Bolton, BL7 0EB

Or phone in your entry on 01204 852036 (You can leave a message on voice mail if I am out).

Or email your entry to [email protected]

Entry form download for the event can be found here

List of entries 17.10.2017.For the Bolton Rapidplay Sunday November 5th 2017.

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Macklin, Paul Chorlton Op 218

McLaughlin, Noel Bolton Op 181

Bryant, Richard Oswestry Mj 157

Ye, Kevin 3Cs Mj 150

Hartley, Dean Amber Valley Mj 141

Hutchinson,Steve Radcliffe Kt 121

Barnett,Doug Crewe Kt 120

Fisher, Michael Oldham Kt 119

Lesnik, Eric Denton Kt 113

Tait, Bill Ilkley Kt 113

Glover,Gordon Bolton Kt 112

De Santos, Andrew Preston Kt 112

Hirst, Joe Newcastle-U-Lyme Kt 110

Sosnowski, Alex Eccles Kt 105

Pelling, Kyle Tameside Kt 93

Ye, Tim 3Cs Kt

Bolton A beat Radcliffe in the Bolton League last night 3.5-1.5.

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Bolton A  vs Radcliffe

1. N Mclaughlin  0.5-0.5 A Tyton

2.H Lamb            1-0       L Baron

3.I Lamb              0.5-0.5 S Hutchinson

4.G Glover           0.5-0.5 R Bohm

5.S King             1-0         J  Webster

Match Result: Bolton A beat Radcliffe 3.5-1.5

Bolton Juniors B beat Bolton Juniors A 4-2, in the Bolton League last night.

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Bolton Juniors A vs Bolton Juniors B  Bolton League 16.10.2017

1.William Fairclough 1-0 James Parker

2. Owen Gregson       0-1 Dilan Dunne

3.Lewis Sheehey        0-1 Eesa Chariwala

4.George Hitchman  0-1 Bryony  Eccleston

5.Stephen Rose       0-1 Cian Sephton

6.Thomas Humphrey 1-0 Daniel Rose

Match Result:Bolton Juniors B beat Bolton Juniors A 4-2

Congratulations to Bolton's Sam Hunt and Bryony Eccleston.

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Almost sixty children took part, from across Greater Manchester. A big thank you to Rod Middleton and Leon Hunt of Bolton Chess Club who helped organise the event; and to the school for allowing us to use their premises.

For the first time we ran a senior section, using standard play times and All-Play-All formats. We ran three such sections plus the more normal Rapidplay for both experienced players and children new to chess.

The All-Play-All (Standard Play) and the Kings Sections (Rapidplay) were graded



Section A Kyle Pelling Tameside

Section B Sam Hunt Bolton

Section C Tarini Jayawarna Tameside


Girls Boys

1st Bryony Eccleston Bolton Noah Lumey-Hogg

2nd Thisumi Jayawarna Tameside Alexander Burke Broadoak School

3rd Arun Chopra Bolton School


Girls Boys

1st Darcy Casserley Broadoak School Rithvik Narla Bolton School

2nd Eesha Neela Bolton School Vishnu Sesshadri Ellenbrook School

3rd Imogen Ferrier Bolton School Luke Burns Broadoak School

Bolton 2 draw away at Blue club 2 in the Manchester league last night.3.5-3.5.

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Blue Club 1  vs Bolton 2

1. T Hilton (White)1-0 H lamb

2.A Catz             0-1 A Tyton

3.M Taylor          1-0 A Gardner

4. Default            0-1 J Clissold

5.M Fisher          0.5-0.5 I Lamb

6. A Dunkerley    0.5-0.5 R Middleton

7.B Parkin          0.5-0.5 P Doherty

Match Result: Game drawn Blue Club 2 3.5-3.5.

Congratulations to Bolton1 who beat Heywood1 5-2 in the Manchester League last night.

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1 J Hall (Black)  1-0  N Jayawarna

2. N Mcglaughlin 0.5-0.5 M Hamer

3, H lamb            0.5-0.5 P Timpson

4. A Tyton           0.5-0.5  S Ward

5.A Gardner        1-0 B Atueyi

6.J Clissold        1-0 D Almond

7. I Lamb             0.5-0.5 S Flaherty

Match Result: Bolton 1 beat Heywood 1 5-2

Bolton 2 exit the Waltuch Trophy. Away to Urmston 1 4.5-2.5.

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Urmston 1 vs Bolton 2

1. R Furness(White)    1-0 H Lamb

2. D Owen                   0.5-0.5 A Tyton

3. J Hopkins               1-0 J Clissold

4. D Horton                 1-0 I Lamb

5.J  Neve                     0-1 R Middleton

6.G Randall                0-1 P Doherty

7.T Plunkett                1-0 D Mathieson

Match Result: Urmston 1 beat Bolton 2 4.5-2.5

Bolton 3 crash out of the Waltuch Trophy in Round 1 4-3 Away to Chorlton 3.

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Chorlton 3 vs Bolton 3

1. A Beresford (White) 0.5-0.5 I Lamb

2. R Nurse                     0.5-0.5 R Middleton

3.P Horwell                   1-0        P Doherty

4.D Otto                        0-1        M Houlston

5. H Ekandari               1-0        M Swift

6.H Hughes                  1-0        D Mathieson

7.A Beswick                 0-1         A Beavan

Match Result : Chorlton 3  beat Bolton 3 4-3

Bolton Chess Club Player Of the Year 2016-2017.

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Congratulations to Rachel Topping. Who is, the Bolton Chess Club Young player Of The Year.

Congratulations to Paul Doherty Who is the Bolton Chess Club Player Of The Year. Thanks to all the Bolton Chess Club members,who voted.